Longarm Services

Caeli’s Couture Quilting offers a full range of longarm quilting, from all-over edge to edge patterns to custom quilting. I use a computerized APQS longarm quilting machine for edge to edge patterns. Custom quilting is done freehand and/or computerized custom designs.

Welcome to Caeli’s Couture Longarm Quilting Services

Edge to Edge Designs

If submitting backing with your quilt top, please add 10 extra inches to the width and length of your backing. I carry Art Gallery Fabric Pure Solids in select colors. Please see Menu for current in-stock colors. These are sold for all of your quilting needs from backing to borders, etc. Cost is $9.25 per yard.

Stocked Batting is Quilter’s Dream. I carry 80/20 natural/white, Dream Bamboo, Poly Deluxe White, Poly Select Black, Cotton Deluxe Natural, & Wool batting. Prices vary. Please see Quilt Intake form.

All Edge to Edge Designs are $.02 x the square inches of your quilt top. This includes all types of edge to edge computerized patterns regardless of density. For example, a 60×72 quilt top equals 4320 sq in. Mulitiply that number by .02 will give you a cost of $86.40 plus tax.

Glide Thread 40wt is the thread used for edge to edge designs. I stock over 200 Glide thread color choices. Glide Thread 40wt is included in the cost of your edge to edge design. I offer some Affinity Variegated 40wt, Superior So Fine 50wt & Bottom Line 60wt as matte poly choices that are also included in the cost. If you desire a different style/weight of thread that I don’t have in my standard business stock, a $10 thread charge is applied to the order. Processing time for quilting may be delayed due to waiting on vendor to ship thread. At this time, I only use Glide 40wt, Glide 60wt, Affinity, Premo-Soft 50wt, Superior So Fine! 50wt, and Superior Bottom Line. I do not use cotton thread or any other brands besides Glide and Superior Polyester. These brands are high quality threads and work well with my machine. I do not accept customer thread.

Custom Quilting

Custom Quilting (Contact for Consultation and Availability) I accept a few custom quilts per year depending on my queue. Plan ahead as they do take quite a bit of time to complete. Price ranges from $.04-.08

See Quilt Diagram Worksheet Page 3 on Quilt Intake Form to use in our consultation.

Other Services

Caeli’s Couture Quilting offers binding, trimming, backing preparation, repairs, and embroidered labels at additonal costs. See Quilt Intake Form for more details.

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