Tshirt/Memory Quilts

Preserve cherished memories in an heirloom quality tshirt/memory quilt for your loved one.

Welcome to Caeli’s Couture Tshirt & Memory Quilts

Picture of Standard Layout

Memory Quilt Layouts with Prices

Standard Layout Price includes side by side shirts with AGF Pure Solids Fabric Border, Backing, Binding, Interfacing, 80/20 batting, Thread, Quilted Edge to Edge Themed/Motif Design, and Labor. Custom Layout Prices are done by consultation.

Sizes are approximate measurements.

16 shirt sides (68 x 68 in) $280

20 shirt sides (68 x 82 in) $320

24/25 sides (68 x 96 or 82 x 82 in) $360

30 shirt sides (82 x 96 in) $400

Please see my available “in stock” solid colors in link below. Colors are updated as the inventory grows. No worries if you don’t see your color as I will bring my color swatch catalog to our intake meeting for you to choose the right solid for your memory quilt.

Memory Quilt Requirements

Please launder all pieces. Please give shirts that are uncut. I will process the shirts on my end. If there are certain sides you want to include/not include, please pin a sticky note to indicate which side you want on the quilt.

I will be cutting them into a 14.5 x 14.5 square and finish at 14 x 14 so keep that in mind as you go through your shirts. Be aware if there are tank tops where a 14.5 cut square may not be possible if a design rests near the top. Some shirts may have both sides that you’d like to use, please indicate with a pinned sticky note.

Check over garments to make sure they are free of holes or thinning sections. I can repair/reinforce small pin holes, but larger holes or thinning shirts will jeopardize the stability of the quilt. Please look carefully as you sort through your garments. I am unable to do sweatshirts, denim, hard mesh, sequins, leather, thick jackets, jerseys with hard synthetic mesh holes, and thick jerseys at this time. If it is a double layer jersey, I may be able to separate the layers. Jerseys with holes or tank top jerseys will need additional stabilizer and a fabric backing. Keep in mind the blocks may look different than the others, and the additional fabric may or may not show in the square block. If you have doubts about a garment, please bring it to our meeting as well as a back up shirt. Thick patches can be in the shirts as I can quilt around them. If shirts come with buttons, I will remove all buttons and sew-close them up. Please indicate to whether you would like me to save the remaining shirt sides for you or discard.

This is a repurposed product which will undergo steam fusing of interfacing and stitching over decals such as numbers and lettering. Depending on material type and age and condition of shirt, some sides may show wearing after processed. For example, if a shirt that is prone to decal peeling/cracking with natural wear and wash may continue to do this after processed or in the future after repeat washings. The purpose of repurposing is to preserve the memory of shirts and can give you a quilt that can be used now as bedding or saved as a souvenir. The wear of shirts and reactions after processing is beyond my control as I am not the creator of the shirt.

Timeframe for Completion

I complete all quilts in order that they are received. Memory quilts are put in the same queue as my regular longarm quilt top customers. If you need them by a certain date, please get your shirts to me as soon as possible. Communicate the date needed, and I will be able to tell you if it can be done in that time based on my current queue. Shirts in Hand & Half Deposit are required to secure your place in the queue. 2nd Half Deposit is due on receipt of your completed quilt.

Payments Accepted: Cash Venmo Check Zelle